Six Simple Steps…

If you already have a professional design, KMF Construction will provide you with a proposal and fair, firm price on your project. If you need design help, KMF Construction has the knowledge and the expertise to develop those plans for you.

Here is our six step process:

Step 1: The Initial Contact

When you first contact our office, by telephone or email, you can be confident that we understand that your time is valuable and that our responses to your concerns will be provided as quickly as possible.

Step 2: The Home Visit

Depending on the size and scope of your project, please plan on thirty minutes to two hours for the first home visit. We are always happy to accommodate your busy schedule in choosing the day and time of this meeting: mornings, evenings or weekends. We will assess the space, take necessary measurements and photos, and discuss project budgets. When appropriate, samples may be available at this time, as well. And of course, we always welcome your questions and suggestions.

Step 3: The Proposal

No matter the size and scope of your project, you can rest assured that within five business days after the home visit you will receive your written proposal. Click here to see a sample.

Step 4: The Contract and Down-Payment

Before any work begins, you will be presented with a contract which has been drafted to meet your specifications and encompasses all phases of your project. Your signature on that contract, together with a nominal down-payment required for initial material costs, begins the construction phase. Your project is now on the production schedule.

Step 5: The Construction

The construction step is an exciting time for everyone. You can be confident that the carpenters dedicated to your project will complete the work within the expected time frame and with the highest degree of professional competence. Furthermore, if the work required extends beyond one week, each Friday or Saturday throughout construction you can expect an end-of-week call to review project status and details for the upcoming week.

Step 6: The Project Completion Meeting

KMF Construction owner Kevin Frommell will personally schedule a project walk-through with you to guarantee your project has been completed to your satisfaction.

Of course we gratefully appreciate any referrals; please ask us about out referral incentive program.